Hello! Below you will find instructions on navigating to and through the exhibits on the digital exhibition app ArtSteps. Further down you’ll find instruction on joining us for the reception. This takes place on the conferencing app Zoom. Any further instruction you may need will be provided the day of. Thank you for joining us!

Tour ArtSteps site using


The exhibits can be found on the online exhibit site using any browser. We recommend Chrome and Firefox. Once there, search for your exhibit of choice! In this case, either Sublime or Chords. Take your time with them, and switch back and forth whenever you would like. Browse the rest of the site to view the artist statements and artist talks for each artist.




Once inside the virtual reality exhibit, you have some options for navigating. We recommend using the guided tour using the action button on the bottom of the viewing screen.

► auto play
⏭ move to the next scene
⏮ move to the previous scene
▼ choose the guided-tour artwork


If you want to move around the scene freely, you can either click and drag with your mouse or touchpad to move the viewing position.

1) Press and hold the right mouse button, move to raise/lower the viewing angle and navigate in the space

2) Move the mouse to reposition the "foot" icon on the floor, click to go to the chosen location


You can also move with the following keys on your keyboard.

“Q” = turn anti-clockwise
“W” = move forward
“E” = turn clockwise
“A”= move left
“S”= move backward 
“D” = move right


NOTE: Please click on the artworks and images to view the artist statement and descriptions.

Tour ArtSteps site using

On a mobile device, you can either browse the site using the native browser or the dedicated Artstep app.

Using the native browser, simply tap or drag to move your viewing angle. Double click to open door. The mobile exhibit is also compatible with a small number of VR headsets and Google VR cardboard. If you have one, try it out!

The following is the link to the mobile app. We recommend using the mobile app because it offers a better viewing experience.

ArtSteps on iOS    

ArtSteps on Android

Join us at the ZOOM

Download the zoom app to join our reception social on Wednesday.
Following are the link to the zoom software for your platforms.



Click on the link below to join the Zoom Reception Social on
May 6th, at 7 p.m.