Victoria Denn

Artist Statement

Connections, memories, and feelings come together to me as a story like the chords in music.

I have found that a lot of my experiences and moments in life feel as if they connect like a chord but still are hidden and individual when seen alone. Connections with people, memories of home, feelings of insecurities are some of the stories that I unveil in my artwork. My work depicts these three connections using imagery of typographical roses.

I am finding that the people close to me in my life during my time in Winona, have made the past several years the most impactful in my life as I enter adulthood. I have truly blossomed into a better version of myself through these connections. With the help and support of my advisors, I made the difficult decision to switch my major. Not knowing if it was the right decision to switch, I needed to believe in myself and show confidence in my work. I have created lasting memories in these experiences. The memories of Winona will remind me of the struggles I overcame and how they empowered me to keep going.

Blossoming of flowers and chords of music together creates special imagery in my work. Moving into the next stage of my rose’s life of beauty and wonder. Flourishing in the world and spreading joy to everyone I meet. With the connections I have made, the memories I have shared, and the feelings I have experienced, I am ready to conquer new opportunities. I hope you too can blossom into your own flower of something valued.

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