Madeline Marcott

Artist Statement

Chum Salmon Run is a three part mixed media triptych inspired by the migration of Chum Salmon in Alaska. I am intrigued by the instinct that guides them to the ocean and home to the Mackenzie River in relation to my path to achieving my goals.

I strive to represent the sense of energy that flows through a stream of fish while they travel to their new home. Chum Salmon rely on instinct, such as the natural pull to where they need to be. I admire this instinct and the adaptability that it generates. During my college experience I have discovered that a similar ability is needed for me to thrive as well. Resilience and strength of will is vital to reach my goals, just as it is for Chum Salmon to travel to their new home. My connection to this impulsive instinct gave me the epiphany to depict what my drive or search for home would look like.

To me, fish symbolize a sense of fluidity and determination, something I strive for as I work towards my goals of student teaching and graduation. During the production of Chum Salmon Run I reflected on how connections with music and sounds shape the identity of myself today. Music is a primal thing that teaches us about feelings before we even know what they are, similar to the way Chum Salmon depends on instinct without dwelling on it. In Chum Salmon Run the fish morph into vibrant and joyous colors as they get closer to home, similar to the excitement I feel by starting my journey to teaching and the new opportunities and goals life has in store for me.

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