Winona State University Art & Design Department is excited to host its first community design exhibition. This is a great opportunity to go outside and indulge in the unique public art installations. The design students have organized three public exhibitions (Inverse, Luminous, and Visceral) to commemorate their experiences last year. Come and join us in these unique shows that reflect on our shared challenges.

The online show will go live on 
Monday April 26th, 2021
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All the artist talk and reception will be held using the  Gather  app. The date and time are listed on the right-hand side. This is an interactive conferencing web app that gives attendees a chance to meet and chat with the senior design students. The Q&A and social session will be held after the artist talks. Visitors will be able to visit the virtual gallery and hang out with other attendees.

Exhibition Site: 56 E 3rd Street, Winona MN 55987 (the empty lots next to Blooming Grounds downtown)
Exhibition Date and Time: April 24th -April 30th (10am to 7pm)
Virtual Reception and Artist Talk: Monday, April 26th at 4pm central time. Meet in   Inverse Gather

Exhibition Site: 24813 County Rd 7, Winona, MN 55987 (Pickwick-Lake Labelle)
Exhibition Date and Time: April 26th - May 7th (10am to 7pm)
Virtual Reception and Artist Talk: Wednesday, April 28th at 5pm central time. Meet in Luminous Gather

Exhibition Site: 162 W 2nd St, Winona, MN 55987 (Blue Heron Parking lot)
Exhibition Date and Time: April 26th - May 7th (10am to 7pm)
Virtual Reception and Artist Talk: Tuesday, May 4th at 4pm central time. Meet in Visceral Gather


    Inverse challenges viewers to see another side. People’s experiences shape the way they perceive the world around them; it’s easy to overlook how we as individuals are subject to our preconceived notions. Works challenge viewers to look beyond the message at face value and see the other side.


    The theme of Luminous is to provide a beacon of shining light to illuminate the pervasive dark times of the previous year. While the tribulations of these past events should not be neglected, the focus of this exhibition is to illustrate how darkness serves as a canvas for the exuberance of light. Despite the resounding pain that we have all deeply felt, there have been many silver linings to contrast. Each installation showcases every designer’s personal story of how they found the light.


    2020 was a challenging year for everyone, full of deep, visceral emotions. In the wake of COVID-19, social unrest, natural disasters, and the worst economy we’ve seen since 2008, the artists have a lot of baggage to deal with. Everyone has their own ways of dealing with these types of emotions. The purpose of this show is to highlight a few of these challenges and create a space of expression, healing, and action.


Meet the Designers

  • Michelle Truxal

  • Katelyn Biernat

    I-Design, Illustration

  • Hannah Harlow

    I–Design Senior

    I–Design Senior

  • Elizabeth Pierce

    I-Design Senior

  • Hanna Anderson

    I-Design Senior

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  • Ellen Klismith

    I-Design Senior

  • Erika Olson

    I-Design Senior

  • Nathan Birch

    I-Design Senior

  • Nick Kopp

    I-Design Senior

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  • Bryanna Peterson

    I-Design Senior

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  • Emily Becker

    I-Design Senior

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  • Camden Ellingson

    I-Design Senior

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